NUK ‘The Orthodontist’s Choice’ – our founding brand

For over 50 years now, NUK has been ensuring that mothers and their children enjoy a sense of wellbeing and security like no other in their constantly evolving world. Beginning with the invention of the first ORTHODONTIC teat, through to the extensive NUK FIRST CHOICE bottle and teat system, all NUK products are the result of the latest medical and orthodontic know-how and the practical experience of mothers and midwives. Only this way can NUK offer every mother the sense of security she needs to make such an exciting time the happiest time of her life.

Monitor what matters most by tracking Baby s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends, and be notified when readings fall outside Baby s preset zones. Sound, motion, and now cry detection let parents know what happened before baby started to cry.

Watching video clips of sounds or movement before baby cries also helps parents understand their cues and why they are uncomfortable, rather than waiting until baby cries to try and figure out what they need.

The Korbell Nappy Disposal System provides the ultimate in convenience and simplicity thanks to the system’s high-quality, durable enclosure. It is advanced, odour-free and hygienic. It uses a triple-sealing system to ensure odour-free nappy disposal. Simply use the foot pedal to open the unit’s lid (your hands never touch the unit) and wrap the nappy using biodegradable disposable bags which are dispensed via an easy-to-load cartridge.

More and more parents today choose to use cotton nappies as the best way to care for their baby. The Bambino Mio brand is founded on the principles of quality, convenience, comfort and style. Bambino Mio offers a complete nappy system suitable for babies from newborn to potty training. Our nappies are 100% cotton which means they are naturally soft, breathable and absorbent, maintaining a healthy temperature

Lactaze assists with the digestion of dairy products, your solution to lactose intolerance. Lactaze tablets work by supplementing the natural enzymes in your body and come in the form of flavoured chewable tablets and liquids. Lactaze is ideal for adults, children and infants who suffer from lactose intolerance.

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